Tribe One is a veteran-owned emergency response training company focused on providing the best hands-on CPR, BLS, and First Aid courses in the industry. Our instructors come from various US military and medical backgrounds and enjoy applying their real-world experience to practical training scenarios. We ensure students are trained in an engaging and fun environment while leaving our courses with the confidence and capability to administer lifesaving techniques to save lives. Learn how to lead during an emergency, how to stop severe bleeding, help a choking child, treat anaphylactic shock, and much more. Join our community and train like your life depends on it while earning industry-recognized, OSHA-approved medical certifications while you’re at it.  Subscribe below for our newsletter and check us out on Instagram @_Tribe_One_ 

Meet The Team

Will Cooper

Will is the founder and CEO of Tribe One. His driving motivation to build our company was to help communities thrive in emergency situations. Will understands the fear and anxiety of not being prepared as he experienced 9/11 walking to Tower 1 and had to survive the chaos that ensued. Now having almost two decades of experience in the US Air Force operating in combat and asymmetric environments, an MBA from George Washington University and a Master’s in International Relations and Security Studies, he wants to ensure emergency preparation is attainable for anybody.

Tarick Muhammad

Tarick is a US Navy Veteran with world-wide experience who supported expeditionary operations across the globe. His military tenure involved missions focused on emergency medical triage and providing core, fundamental necessities, such as food, shelter, and medical attention to citizens in third world countries. He currently serves as a Nurse in the DMV area and the medical advisor for Tribe One.

Jahasia Cooper

Jahasia is our marketing expert and the catalyst on how to inform and train the community. She is responsible for circulating our information to the masses via our podcast, blog, and social media. Her passion for informing and educating is a basis that we value in our company. Education and information is a fundamental premise of survival. For this lays the groundwork on training and gaining hands-on experience on how and what is needed to survive. Jahasia will ensure the community on where to gather the means to survive.

Kevin Bland

Kevin’s extensive skill set stems from his decade as a federal law enforcement officer and military professional. He currently serves as a Director in Environmental Services focused on protecting our environment and community from contagious pathogens. Kevin is known for his ability to dissect the most complicated information, understanding processes, to make the information digestible to those who he must teach and inform.

April Centeno Hutchinson

April worked in the intelligence community for a little over 14 years. She has provided an all-source analysis in support of criminal and counterterrorism activities, including threat detection, investigations, operations, collections, and source development/management, as well as executed financial intelligence analysis. She also managed several teams, providing them guidance to accomplish mission goals. One of April’s strengths lie in her versatility to complete a task at every level. She is a jack of all trades, and her versatility has marked her as an asset. She is our go-to person for assessments focused on threats, industries, and travel.